We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. Our approach to business reflects the lives we strive to create for ourselves and the leadership we aspire to see in the world.

Nu: Team

Charlotte Smith

Founder & CEO 

Women’s Empowerment Entrepreneur
Career Educator
Community Builder
Experience Curator
Deep Listener
Dog Mommy

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Over the past few years, Charlotte was on what some might consider an enviable career trajectory. With a passion for education, she moved to China in 2012 to work as a full-time teacher. By 2015, she became a Teacher Trainer on an established public education project in Beijing. The following year, she took a risk and made the leap to interview for a Project Director role in an innovative education organisation. To her surprise, she was offered the job on the spot and there began her journey in management and leadership.

Work became her top priority, taking precedence over everything else in her life. As a result, she grew from Project Director to Head of Projects to Senior Partner to COO within four short years. Her entrepreneurial mindset led her to initiate and drive impactful projects, including: the British Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals Development Programme; Future Female Leaders, empowering young women to pursue leadership in support of the British Embassy's Pledge for Progress campaign; and an Entrepreneurship Education project impacting over 2000 Chinese students in partnership with local government.

During this time, she also lost friendships, gained weight, abandoned the concept of 'just for fun', and experienced severe bouts of burnout. In December 2019, proud of her accomplishments but unable to go on and uncertain about what to do next, she quit her job as COO to figure out who she was and what she actually wanted. After some deep introspection, she realised that her priorities had been completely out of order. One evening, after a few margaritas with Anto, she drew some concentric circles on a napkin to represent a purpose-driven life. This idea was the initial inspiration for what would become Nu Women.

Anto Vilardo

Operations & Innovation Director

Human-Centred Innovator
HR Specialist
Process Designer
Silversmith & Photographer
Dog Mama

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Born and raised in Uruguay, Anto has always been interested in understanding people in all of their complexity. In 2010, she began her academic journey studying Special Care Counseling in Canada, before returning home to complete her Psychology degree. After graduating, she decided to move to Asia and combine her two passions: psychology and education. She completed an MSc in Anthropology while gaining diverse work experience as a teacher, project coordinator, and HR manager. Although she learned from each of these roles, Anto still felt the urge to make more of a difference in the world.

Driven by the desire to apply her combined skills and knowledge in education, coordination, HR, and human psychology towards impacting women and girls, she found the courage to step outside of her comfort zone and embrace a Nu challenge. Self-reflection helped Anto realise the importance of using her own power to empower others. This insight led her to hours of deep conversation with Charlotte. One night, during one such conversation, Anto sat down and listened. She listened to the idea of a purpose-driven life.

Nu: Values