Career Consulting

Reflect on the woman you've been, value the woman you are, and take intentional action towards the woman you want to become.

Nu: Career

1.Discover Your Next Step

Empowering you with the tools to make strategic career decisions

YOU hold the keys to discovering the right next step in your career. Discover Your Next Step is a comprehensive, guided self-reflection practice to help organise messy thoughts into coherent ideas and actionable steps.

2. Get That Nu Job

Everything you need to get the job you want & deserve

It’s time to make an outstanding impression on potential employers. Get That Nu Job is our premium consulting package to help you build an exceptional CV, craft a memorable cover letter, and develop confident interview skills. 

3. China Career Pathways

Connecting you with the right opportunities in China

China Career Pathways is our qualified candidate database to help directly connect you with our strategic partner organisations in China. When a position opens up that we know you’d be perfect for, we guarantee an interview.